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Our Story | Life Divine

We created Life Divine in order to provide the path for real transformation in our demanding, fast-paced world. We merge the strong analytical mind with spiritual awakening, the masculine with the feminine, and intuition with action.

We believe that when East meets West, there is a beautiful balance of energy that allows you to harness your inner power and become the creator of your life. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that anyone can create a deep and lasting transformation in their life, and reaching this transformation doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or prolonged. 

When we are crystal clear on where we are going, we can create an exciting life, filled with meaning and bliss. 

What They Say About Our Retreats

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Most men haven't been given the tools to reach their full potential and end up feeling like they're not enough. That ends now. In the next 6 months, you'll learn how to step into your highest self, transform your relationships, and become the man you are meant to be.

Are you ready to experience deep and lasting transformation? In the next 6 months, you’ll experience the real miracle of becoming the creator of your life with like-minded women. You'll Achieve your higher goals, unblock and cleanse your past, and unleash your inner power!

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