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Whatever chapter of life that you are in, I look forward to knowing you. My deepest inspiration comes from Great Compassion. I find that all people search for one and the same thing. No matter where they come from, what social status they have, what religion or culture they belong to, they all search for Happiness. They can be happy from one day to another, from one moment to the next, but inevitably everyone experiences pain and suffering from which they crave relief.

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    What They Say About Rose

    About Rose

    Rozalia Heinen originally comes from Bulgaria, Europe and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She became an entrepreneur at a very young age and holds a university degree in business management. For 13 years, Rozaliya successfully managed one of Bulgaria’s largest fashion and modeling agencies. Her agency was also a leading producer for fashion television programs and contests. Rozaliya became a highly respected leader in her country’s fashion industry. In the last years of her fashion career, she moved to Germany and worked with “Miss Germany” and “Top Model of the World” organizations.

    Soon after, Rozaliya began her personal journey of self-discovery and growth through practicing Holistic Medicine. She studied a great variety of methods such as working with the inner child, crystal therapy, and other holistic practices. Life has a way of guiding us to exactly where we need to be. In 2006, Rozaliya visited Bali for the first time and decided to leave her successful career behind and focus on something greater.

    She lived in seclusion, fasting, and sacred silence for two years. This unlocked her inner world and she immersed herself, discovering the depth of Crystal Healing, Sacral Geometry, and Symbols. Soon after she began to work with her first Dzogchen (Atiyoga) teacher and studied and practiced in Nepal and Bhutan for eight years with several great Masters. During this time, she modified different methods of Holistic Therapies and Crystal Healing to help people overcome their fears of transformation and to find harmony in the relative reality.

    During this period, she also dedicated her time to creating a jewelry line for Enlightenment. Its purpose is an extension of her Wisdom and will to help people. She combines the power of Crystals and the language of Symbols in order to create special tools which help people in their transformational journey.

    Rozaliya is specializes in crystal healing and sacral geometry placement using crystals as an instrument for her aspiration to enlighten people. She is the one who helped establish the curriculum for the Malaysian Crystal University for Healers. Her professional focus is meditation, and spreading its power. She teaches more than 120 types of mindfulness and has worked with over 200 types of Crystals.

    Since 2009, she has been leading retreats and seminars for Awakening in Bali, Nepal, Russia, Germany and Bulgaria. In 2018, she also began to lead retreats in the USA. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs and people who want to help the world. She has worked as a meditation teacher and spiritual leader for organizations such as, Entrepreneur Organization and YPO Global Leadership Organization. 

    Rozaliya’s retreat methods are new age, unique, and provide instant transformation. She uses a variety of methods, including live music, movement, and theater. 

    She has authored two books, Mother of the World and Warrior of Life. Mother of the World is a memoir of her continued journey to Enlightenment. Warrior of Life is a guide on how to become a warrior and master of your Life. 

    Rozaliya works fluently in English, German, Russian and Bulgarian languages.