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Life Divine: Action & Achievement

November 18-21, 2021

Experience your instant transformation at this 3-Day Retreat with Rock & Rose. Through Rock and Rose’s union, you’ll discover the power and wisdom of the mastermind merged with spiritual awakening. Connect with the tribe to accelerate your growth, increase your net worth, maximize your success, and push you through your blocks. Get absolute clarity on your next steps and embrace your own massive growth to transform your life.

Together, we will:

Rock & Rose Life Divine

The Union of Rock & Rose

We Connect the Mastermind & Spiritual Awakening for Your Ultimate Transformation

We created Life Divine in order to provide the path for real transformation in our demanding, fast-paced world. We merge the strong analytical mind with spiritual awakening, the masculine with the feminine, and intuition with action.

We believe that when East meets West, there is a beautiful balance of energy that allows you to harness your inner power and become the creator of your life. 

About the Air Element

Air is the element of our vitality, speed, flexibility and possibility to achieve and materialize our dreams and goals.

At this retreat, your life is transformed through the balance of the air element. 

When the air element is in balance:

– We feel healthy, full of life, and very light.

– We inspire trust and we are purposeful.

– We act boldly, quickly, and with wisdom.

– We influence others and achieve all of our dreams and become successful on all levels.

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- Only $3995 $3000 for M1-Members.

- Members & Non-Members, Bring Your Partner for just $1500.

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The Venue

We are dedicated to creating deep, lasting transformations in people’s lives so that they can experience more bliss and meaning, and we wanted to open up our home so that you can experience the energy of love, light, and peace. 

Our home, Live Divine, combines luxury with holistic wellness.  Every inch of our space is specially consecrated to embody the energy of your beautiful, divine life.

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