meditate with rozaliya

weekly live zoom healing session

inner management for awakening life

On October 1, 2023, Rozaliya will start the Journey


4:30 PM PST

Heal your life with the secret energy activation and meditation…experience who you are!

Meditate with Rozaliya is a new age methodology to create and connect the synergy of Light and make the world a better place starting with yourself.

The most important thing is that you commit. You commit that you are ready to experience a new Life full of Awareness and you no longer want to live in fear or in the prison of your mind.

Meditate With Rozaliya Includes...

  • Live 60 minute meditation session every week with Rozaliya
  • Personalized program for all participant needs
  • 60-minute Wednesday program with a different Energy Activation meditation depending on the needs of the participant’s request (past trauma, family, life partner, abundance, future programming and manifestation. (2 sessions available: morning at 8:00 am PST or afternoon at 4:30pm PST)
  • Recording of the meditation every session and practice for the week*
  • Special breathing practices for relaxation and motivation*
  • Custom meditation for the specific moon power every full moon and new moon*
  • One personalized energy reading with Rozaliya to set up your monthly goals*
  • Specially curated and personalised powerful tools to support and stabilize your energy depending on your needs – Including: Custom jewelry created specially from Rozaliya for your Energy, crystals, symbols, mandalas orand praying set (mini altar) (Only included in Warrior of Life package)*

*Items with (*) are included in Power and Warrior of Life packages

Meditate with Rozaliya will bring you to a completely different world of Awareness where you can change your past programming or create a new one just with simple meditation.

Join me to begin your transformation and live with Awareness.

Meditate with Rozaliya is not just practice to calm your mind. It is a Method to go beyond your mind, beyond your body, beyond your memory and programming and create a new world for yourself and others. A world where each Human knows their potential and is no longer a slave of circumstances. A world where we have all Awakened.

It is time for you to unite and to grow to your highest potential. It is time to understand that we are not the mind nor the body, but that we are the Power beyond and we have to use it. It is time to understand that the fear is just nonsense that restricts the possibility of a joyful and expanding life.

With this practice, you will be able to:

Heal your body and mind and connect to your inner nature
Heal your life with the new Energy activation meditation
Transform your destiny and become the master of your reality


The Practice

I will not just teach you. Meditate with Rozaliya is not just a time to learn how to meditate, or to breathe, or to become more calm. It is a practice to connect to your inner essence and be the ruler of your Destiny. I will take your hand and bring you to a different world where you know who you are.

I will use meditation, music and explanation during our practice. Together we will experience a totally unique technique every time depending on the position of the moon, your energy and your needs. We will become one. You will learn how to connect, expand and live with joy in abundance.

Choose To Expect Miracles

Meditate with Rozaliya is a practice that can give you clarity of what you really need and can lead you to achieve your dreams. Whether you want to create a healthy relationship, or have more money or time, or just you want to be healthier, it is time to understand that it is all in your hands.

All your Joy,  your relationships, your abundance,  your health is your choice. I will give you the method to connect to this unknown side of yourself, which is able to create a better world for you.


Change Your Past Programming

Meditate with Rozaliya will change your past programming – what no longer serves you and what you do not know how to overcome. This is normal because it is very difficult, and sometimes absolutely impossible, to change your programming just with your analytical (memory) mind because this mind is the program itself. You need to go beyond this program, beyond the 3 dimensional world of form in order to reprogram your mind.

Through the powerful practices that I have explored and created for the last 15 years, and from which I received a higher level of awareness, we will go together to the different dimension where you will experience the instant transformation of what you seek.

Through my Energy Activations, you will know the power level of your chakras and how to balance  them.

Activate Your Power

Using very unusual methods, Meditate with Rozaliya will activate your Power. But, it will also lead you to clarify your own potential. It will lead you to understand how this Life works, what the rules are and why it doesn’t matter what we do or how we live if we are slaves to what has happened around us. 

It is time to understand how our body and mind work and what Life itself is. We can experience joy in every moment. It sounds very unusual, but actually that is the nature of human beings. Now, more than ever we have the possibility to experience joy. It is time to connect. It is time to activate our power. It is time to live a life of Freedom and Wisdom.


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