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Powerful Instant Transformation With Rozaliya

Become A Creator

Rozaliya uses the power of tantra instruments in order to help you create the life of your dreams.

You don’t need to believe, just join & connect to other men like you.

Through each weekly call with Rozaliya you will:


What Is Our Program About?

  • Discover Where You Are At That Moment & Create Intention.
  • Transform Your Past (Work With Your Inner Child).
  • Overcome Your Parent’s Blueprint.
  • Master Your Relationship With Parents, Self (Mind & Body) & Environment.
  • Create A New Powerful Identity.
  • Create The Love Relationship Of Your Dreams.
  • Unlock The Secret Of Sexuality & Union.
  • Map Your Destiny.
  • Learn How To Visualize & Manifest.
  • Love Your Body And Create The Health And Body Of Your Dreams.

Your Relationship With Your Mind & Body: The Key To Your Succes

Experience Powerful Transformation & Become The Creator Of Your Own Destiny

  • Weekly LIVE Zoom coaching with Rozaliya
  • Classes will be held every Thursday at 9 am – 10:15 am PST LIVE on Zoom
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive a bonus meditation.
  • There will be a break for the holidays : Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s
  • If you cannot join, but signup, we will send you the recording of the coaching.
  • Price starts from $290

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