I created this website with the sole and absolute objective of providing a path to all those who seek what they are short of, those who seek their true self (as some may put it). I want to provide them with some of the methods, instruments and practices that helped me on my path and brought deep and lasting results.

I do not believe that practicing during our spiritual journey necessarily has to be complex or prolonged. Yet I am certain that we have to be clearly aware where the particular practice would take us, as well as that there can be no achievement without practice, especially if you have the view that you are human. I also think that the energy state and the vibrations of our dimension have been deeply altered over the past two decades. Many of the old methods work much faster, and there are new methods too, that, as simple as they may seem to us, can nevertheless bring enduring change in our everyday lives.

For quite a long time I thought that I wouldn’t publish all these truths in a website or books, as I regarded them as highly sacred and private, which is better to be shared between a teacher and a student. I was focused only on the path to Enlightenment, and I was not attracted to the idea of sharing how to make our lives harmonious. Yet my life in Los Angeles invited me to focus on a deeper quest for something to share and to design a program based on experience and insights. The program is unique and at the same time both old-fashioned and novel, and can take you along the path of awakening consciousness in a way that is joyful and free of suffering, sparing you long periods of seclusion and seeking.

I prepared all these practices, instruments and books and I opened myself up to the world to share with people that are very busy but still want to grow, those who understand the material world but want to grasp the invisible (or the matters that elude understanding) in order to realize themselves, those who search but may sometimes lose themselves along the way, or those who want to help others but first need to discover themselves. And above all – with those who want to make the world a more balanced place rather than escape from it.

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