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I love the balance that they brought to this event. Rock and Rose together, just really gave a fullness and a depth to the experience to really explore a completely different, nuanced side to being a successful entrepreneur.
Everyone thinks it’s like hitting the numbers and doing the work, which it is, but not until you know who you are and you’ve got the inner work done.”

— Britt Taylor

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“I joined M1 to deepen my connections and this event brought it all together. Rock’s got that masculine, strong energy, and Rose is bringing in that feminine spiritual energy. The dichotomy of the two is really amazing.”

- Josh Duvall

If you’re looking for a group of people who accelerate your growth, help you achieve your goals with more passion, more commitment, and more accountability, then this is the place you need to be.

On the one side, you have Rock who is this incredibly successful serial entrepreneur combined with Rose, who brings the spiritual aspect, meditation, and materialization. Together, they help us to achieve our goals quicker because we’re starting here!

- Sebastian Perez-Hoyos

This retreat has been amazing. Going to your inner self and just checking yourself out, looking at where you want to grow, discovering where you need to expand, and breakthrough . . . It elevates you when you are really true to yourself.”

- Wendy Benvenga

These events have so much value, in different ways. You learn, you get access to opportunities, you network. But what is even more invaluable is the extraordinary conversations that we have. I was talking about things I would never talk to anybody about because there is an environment of love and trust.

- Mike Lambert

I’ve never been to this kind of event or a retreat, so it was really nice. Learning that what my spouse and I go through. . . it’s not just us, it’s everybody. So that helps, right? And having the meditation with Rose where we focused on forgiveness just resonated with me. I was able to let go, forgive, and I feel free from that. All in all, I had a lot of fun.

- Rakesh Bansal

I would tell somebody who is not here that this is a great opportunity to be vulnerable with people who accept that life isn’t as rosy as we always paint it, and despite that, we’re still taking the steps towards living our best lives. 

Rock and Rose bring a dichotomy I really like – they bring in the analytical, hard-charging growth, and soften it to working on the internal, invisible stuff, where we can step into our power and let go what we’re holding back. This event allows us to go out, work harder, and achieve better results.

- Roland Brown

The yin and the yang at this event was very special . . . the masculine “conquer-the-world” energy versus the “connect-to-the-universal intelligence” energy.

Emotional connection is a great vehicle for getting things done. . . you’re getting things done in the service of others. And then we can share in that vision together and grow.

- Paul Thompson

I think this community is really powerful because it’s so encouraging and it really allows for vulnerability. There’s a level of trust that you can really open up and it’s a safe place to be. 

Rock is such a masculine force. I find that I really connect with him and I get so much out of his content whether that just be from speaking or just when we’re doing Q&A. With Rosie, she has such great intuition. I’ve had such amazing, beautiful meditation moments where I feel like I’ve made some huge breakthroughs with her guided meditation

- Karen Reed

The M1 tribe and the live events by Rock & Rose transformed my life and exceeded my expectations. I knew this was going to be a good time. I knew it was going to be fun and uplifting. But the challenge, the growth, the connections, the relationship-building went beyond my expectations. So I know this is going to be a family. My family, like a second family away from home that I can grow with for the rest of my life.

- Katie Mae Petersen

It’s been incredible. It’s almost, it’s hard to describe. I feel free and totally transformed already. My energy is different. It’s amazing to be in this place and totally present and just enjoying being outside and playful and curious and unapologetically me. M1 and this event have been the best things that I’ve said yes to.

- Leisa Deutsch

Having people like my pod, like my unit, simply people that support you and encourage you when you need it and also challenge you when you need it so and so yeah, I mean, I think that’s really the biggest piece and the most important part of being part of this community.

- Max Aybar

Rock & Rose speak to the masculine and feminine energy in us. Those two energies, when they come together, they open you up to the fullness of who you are. This event helps you overcome the barriers you had, it helps you to keep rising. It helps you to break free.

- Jean Loyd

When you’re around people that want to expand, you expand. You know, there’s nowhere else that you have this positive environment that’s always pushing you to do more. 

- Justin White